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How Groups Work

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ASCII Insider is focused on helping IT providers further improve their ability to market and grow by applying proven business strategies that are discussed in a small group setting.

Our Goal

We believe there is a better way for MSPs to collaborate and learn strategically how to take their businesses to the next level. ASCII Insider is focused on helping IT providers build a stronger business leveraging lessons gained by other business leaders that have already over performed in our industry. Held in small non-competitive, group settings, our focus is on helping you succeed.

Group Overview

  • Focused on business growth strategies for IT providers
  • Moderated by a seasoned peer or industry expert (Premier level)
  • Bi-monthly video conference meetings
  • Participants organized in small groups based on size and geography through application process
  • Vendor free, neutral environment

What to Expect

  • Discussions focus on business performance and optimization
  • Business-assessment and corrective actions
  • Group meetings held online by video conference
  • Accountability is supported and maintained by each member within their group

No more than 10 MSP peers can apply to participate per group; we do this to increase interaction and productivity for everyone involved.

We leverage an independent, industry, seasoned moderator to organize the discussion with your group on specific business strategies on marketing, sales and operations. At the Standard Level program, fellow peers moderate the groups.

MSPs that apply for participation can appreciate that time spent within the group will be hyper-focused on corrective actions for your business.